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Yesterday was overwhelming for me, I have a ton of deadlines and as I work on rebuilding my health. It is like God is speaking so many things into my spirit. I needed some major industry advice and I called 3 people. All responded, but spoke life into my insecurities. There faith in me sharpened my faith in myself. Sometimes, you just have to hear the good about you. Yes, feed my ego. When you are in a mediation with God, he speaks because we are still. It is a blessing to be busy in business, but there is also a blessing in stopping and being still. Sometimes words they come as whispers, while other times they ring like bells. I listen intently for I know the power of hearing from the Lord. The mantra for this season is proverb, 27:17 it reads, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." This is such a positive quote because it speaks on the influence of something solid around you, mentoring you, coaching and guiding you. As we face life queries, that iron can be good or bad. So, many times as women, we surrounds ourselves with people that tend to latch onto us. How many times, do we question a person presence in our lives. Our friendships are often based on groupings of like minds. However, as we mature, are you looking at the quality of the people you are surrounded by? Why would, God speak on being sharpened. Healthy, means to be nourished, so that you can grow. Life is so hectic, as we move we do not measure the quality of people in our lives, the relationships. We have a misguided belief system on loyalty. Who is your iron? I encourage you to surround yourselves around people that not just speak words of love but match it with action. So,many of us is iron deficient. I encourage you to journal. Who are you friends and why.? This is not a judgement but an assessment. Are you their iron? Re-asses, Re -examine, Re-build than Re-form and Re-establish your social circle. Your iron isn't based on superficial offering, it should build security, affirm dynamically who you are. Don't give me candy if I need food. Look deeper and become sharper. There is a saying birds of a feather flock together, However Eagles Fly Chicken Do Not.. I AM CASSANDRA BELL

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