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Why is love so complicated? I speak with so many women regarding this love thang. After experiencing a sudden break up. I set in bafflement wondering what happened to my relationship that we found ourselves on the outs. One minute we were in love and the next minute he was as cold as ice. I was shut out of his heart. I was confused, shock, angry, bewildered. I became swapped with so many emotions that ultimately resulted in total numbness. The betrayal of love had once again become a total let down. Then, I remembered this quote from Sarah Jakes Roberts, she stated, “Something happens when you find who God calls your equal. You finally realize that every love that came before was merely fraudulent and it had nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with you. The moment you begin to harness your power, own the skin you're in, and apologetically live in the fullness of who God has called you to be you will attract on a different level. Until then I pray you continue to ask Heaven what it knows about you that you don't know about yourself. Heaven's secrets are the ones that make you wake up each day and thank God for wanting more for you than you wanted for yourself.” After a few days of disappointment, I than began to assess who I am. I continuously find myself with broken men. My relationship deterioration wasn’t all on me, the man that I was dating was severely depressed, angry and unemotional. To be honest he had issues, issues that I ignored because I didn’t want to be judgmental and I felt that if he had a solid object than just maybe I can help him through. Seriously, women we need to stop. I am guilty, guilty of accepting and not expecting. A gift is only a gift if the person values what may be revealed in the box. Men, are a science, it is the experimentation that renders a result of negative or positive. However, we have to remove this fallacy of building a man, being his rib and having his back. We can become his help meets once he a shown that he is ours. We give to much and get to little in return. Women we have to see ourselves as a Bank, if no deposits are made into the account than their is very little interest. If the account continues to get withdrawals without any deposits than we will become over drafted. The account will be in the red, negative. That's how many of our relationships lapse .

The propaganda that besides every good man is a great woman, I say beside every good woman is a loving man. Society misleads us into believing that he will see our greatness and realize our value. It is only of value if the buyer deems it valuable. There is a man GOD has created just for you. You don’t have to put work into a man. Women put that work into yourselves. Build and strengthen your heart and purpose. Embrace love but emulate you.

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