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As I work on my health, I have been in the process of re- assessing the quality of my life. I started this campaign entitled " Iron Sharpens Iron" it's from Proverb, 27:12, it states, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." I mediated on this, my friends we often speak this quote to one each other. As women it is important our circle of influence and often times the very presence of a group of women signals mess. We sometimes need to re -example the quality of the women around us. This is the base line to many women empowerment organizations, sororities and networks. I recently attended a panel discussion at the Chicago Urban League and it spoke on protecting your mental health. I just can not surround myself with negative thoughts, conversations and energies. Has someone ever called you and the energy is so bad, you started feeling angry and its like you were fine and now you are mad and you don't know why. So many times women we try to be great support systems to our friends but lets be honest, how many of us has that friend that always talking about somebody, hates everyone, petty, highly critical of others, greedy, self serving, lack any religious energies, and always telling you about your life but their life is a wreck. How can a single woman tell me about marriage? How can a woman that can't keep a job speak on gainful employment? So many times we seek knowledge from people who are giving us nothing moire than empty calories. A true friend wont give you crumbs from a table, many times you have high level friends that wants to give you candy when you are hungry. Real friends celebrate your success and have your back through your failures. A woman of an iron basting is going to give you tools for security long term, this person improves your life, business, womanhood heart and over all health, mentally , spiritually and physically. I am a honest friend, some would say " I have no filter." My response, facts are facts, I just speak the facts, if I give you a pile of poop sprayed with perfume. Once the smell goes away it is still poop. Honey,life will you give you lots of poop. I am the type of person that will tell you, that's poop with perfume on it and it still stinks. I am apologetically me but I am Iron. I encourage you to improve your quality of friendship. This is not a cut your friends off message.This is about healthy life styles improvements. If you are not surrounded by people who can sharpen you and you sharpen them than I encourage you to get some iron. Good mental health is connected to life longevity. On today make a commitment for 30 Days DETOX TOXIC ENERGIES " Iron Sharpens Iron" Campaign.. here are some tips to DETOX: Stop having negative phone conversations, gossiping, arguing, read a book, stay off Bossip and all gossip sites, go to church, start a garden, volunteer, join a book club, take a walk, a girls trip, stop self medicating, tell your friends and family you love them, Get a therapist, Join an reputable organization for the empowerment of women, hug your children, write 10 things you love about yourself, paint, start a blog, do a vision board, journal, Listen to love songs, Read a motivational poem. Listen to Angelou Mayou, Oprah Winfrey,Michelle Obama, Sarah Jake Roberts, Iyanla Vanzant and Joyce Meyers...Get Started Today. I AM CASSANDRA BELL

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