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Family members can be worse than an enemy because they know what to say or do to hurt. This betrayal shatters trust and family securities become often times it’s by a close relative. Many people questioning themselves and turning about face and look that hater in the eye. No one needs motivation to open the can of toxins. The root is simply based on envy, jealousy, dysfunction, insecurity, low self-esteem, dislike and mean spirits of the perpetrator. However, how can my mother, brother, sister, aunt, child dislike me? Undetermined, is the answer but the act causes a reaction to the action of toxic relationships. Stop asking why, and prepare yourself for you.

In a flash of a moment a phone call, text message, emails or verbal slandering people that are toxic rarely realize that they stink of toxins. These poison fumes emotes gaseous words, innuendos, sneak disses and cuts. All combined to try to demean and devalue the person in receipts of these under minding’s.

As a generally happy person, people of poison repeatedly set a conscious or unconscious effort thus making it our jobs to protect our lives against these toxicity’s. Toxic people bring the drama, and they are strong in it. Nothing is worse than when you are planning a family get together and the thought of a certain person attending brings more stress than joy.

The sacrificing of our mental and emotional health when dealing with an abusive parental or family members makes our blood boil. Family, bloodlines does not give you the right to be abusive to someone. You have the right to change what you want to change stand up and embrace your own self. Love you, and love on you.

Grab you a pair of giant scissors and cut these TOXIN TIES. No sacrifice is worth your mind. Mental health needs to be exercised and worked out like your physical health. Bloodlines doesn’t not guarantee blood ties. So, let’s shed a few pounds and stop being the receiver of some else’s toxic purpose, and start to DETOX.


When a relationship is based on abuse, whether mental, physical, emotional, is verbal, sexual, is a underlying works of manipulation an evident that on being used. Anxiety is the cousin to panic, who is the sister of stress and the mother is anger. One key component to abuser, they are unpredictable. Unpredictability can produce negative results if the conclusion is a put down, emotion let down, or make you feel you’re not good enough or you haven’t done enough.


Stress is a silent killer, it effects your work, home and physical health. Your body creates a serious physical reaction to stress. It creates, headaches, excess weight, alcohol dependency or even some serious drugs. It’s time to hold your breath and you place an invisible gas mask to the poison and breathe in fresh air.


Stop refueling your trunk with the” Who Say” about you. There is no rewriting on the wall that needs to be corrected. This is bullying at its best, plant your feet and face your bully. Be the fan to the fumes. These bully’s work in groups to make attempts to gain numbers because most cowards need an entourage.