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I receive so many emails, texts, calls regarding, the onset of acting. However, this question is often ambiguous because many of the ones acting, or shall I say asking never truly want the honest answer. So many talents enter this industry under so many misconceptions. However, the unrealistic expectation is the virus that infects the amateur actor. So many talents believe that the more the work the better they will get. However, never truly investing in the art of acting. This is an epidemic in America, education has been pushed aside to more minuscule attempts at this art form. Would you want a surgeon operating on your body based upon a desire and simple ideology of operating procedures? Why is it so hard to make small sacrifices? But more importantly these sacrifices are for yourself. Invest in you! Why are you not important enough to better yourself? Stars, are stars not stars because of raw talent, they are stars because of “SWEAT EQUITY”. DON’T MAKE THESE MISTAKES!


Industry success deals with people who are not afraid of failure. This mean failing often but never giving up. Understanding the importance of learning from rejection. Rejection is a apart of this industry remember you can get a hundred no’s but you only need one yes.


This is surely true to come to you in this industry and lots of it. So many actors lack good mental health, so many new actors have more attitude that actual talent. This false sense of arrogance cues the experienced Casting/Directors of the novelty in this talent. Also, be polite, a great natural smile is the best. Be organic and speak clearly.


Before you invest in a head shot, how about you attend a workshop, take a class, google, attend a seminar, webinar, take online classes. Would you put frosting on cake mix? You must bake the cake and then frost it.


You must know the difference between and Industry Standard head shot AND JUST SOME RANDOM PICTURE. Please stop with the SELFIE SUBMISSION pictures this screams GREEN. 8x10 8.5 x 11. FYI, it’s called a Head shot because we need your HEAD. It should be natural and warm, bright colors. Keep it simple show your face.


DON’T DRIVE THE CAR WITHOUT A LICENSE, YOU CAN DO IT BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE IT LEGAL.Before you enter acting craft, have a action plan. DO some research and engage.


Never despise humble beginnings, Community Theater is a great entry into the craft of stage plays. Often in community theater has no pay or low pay opportunity. Equity theater is a unionized portion associated with Actors’ Equity Association –This is for professional actors and stage managers, many have working salaries, union pensions and health insurance. Non-Union is working on films, indie, student film often without pay. Union films are protected under the Screen Actors Guild. They are compensated based on budgetary scales.

This is the Beginning... Good Luck!

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