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Cassandra Bell Studios is a multimedia production company that creates an environment of educational and artistic excellence by nurturing creativity, integrity, and professionalism for our clients and original bodies of work. Cassandra Bell Studios also operates as a licensed Talent& Management Agency representing non-union and union talent in the Chicago Land area. We represent and provide actors, models, singers, dancers and choreographers for films, commercials, theater, runway, voice overs, promotional for adults, children and teens. We also provide alternate services in wardrobe, production management, art department, production design, stage management, ghostwriting, casting and event coordinating.

It is Cassandra Bell School of Artistry aspiration to work jointly with the city officials, our community, and other arts organizations to provide continuous premier performing arts that span generations, bringing together young and old. We envision a performing art center where Cassandra Bell School of Artistry can provide education and training in musical theater, voice, dance, camera/commercial, improve and modeling/etiquette...


We envision Cassandra Bell Studios becoming a premier employer in our community providing career opportunities in the arts.

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MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to promote and encourages community participation in performing arts that uplift, inspire and educate thereby increasing understanding and happiness in our community. As well as to provide the opportunity for community members to express and share their artistic talents. To provide a venue of success where community members can volunteer andprovide valuable community service in the arts.

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Producer I award-winning director I actor I filmmaker I screenwriter playwright  I author I songwriter I entrepreneur I philanthropist

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